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30. >> in washington and colorado than stashed they legalized marijuana for recreational use. this drug would be subject to state regulations and taxes. legal experts stated that this will lead to a supreme court battle with the federal government. it may have a similar issue. >> last check wall street on this day after election. >> the index of the future has been higher but they reversed. the european union slashed its workers. and the european stocks went down blower. >> will take day quick break. it is foggy on the bridge and it is like this on the a lot of the area. =8 you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. we have a live look from the scene. kron forced jackie sissel. you are looking at some of the emergency vehicles they're trying to get traffic squeeze into one line. you are looking at the eastbound side of highway 24 right at the over in the crossroads. a trailer from a big rig was struck by several vehicles. the big backup is in the west bound direction the current drive ti
of already warning people of the game that starts at 6:00 against the university of washington on friday night. that is right at the peak of commute time and everyone is going to be trying to park and they're warning people that they're going to be double parking fines and the fact. if you do not need to drive take mass transit. that is what they're asking people to do. there will be all kinds of free shuttles. here is a list of shuttles you can take from around the berkeley area. the downtown bus station the berkeley marina the amtrak marina and even golden gate fields. there be a thousand parking spots available on a first- come first-served basis. there warning people that this traffic is probably gone to start sometime around 3:00. people start pouring into the stadium around the area and that coincides with friday commute times around the stadium. there warning people there of the long delays, be patient. once again full parking enforcement will be in effect and there'll be a double fein's own. signs start at $72. --fines. it's friday night in their plan university of washington. it
was a couple dozen. we had a chance to talk to some travelers read back to philadelphia washington d.c. and the boston area. so far their flights have not been affected but i talked about what may happen. >> philadelphia and i think it is still going on. it is not cancel yet. >> what you heard about the weather back there? >> crazy with and is storm coming back again. >> allow flights were canceled. the one on a supposed to be taking off so i hope that it is and i can get to where i'm going. >> the lot of people are helping just that. the best advice is collier carrier before you come to the airport. make sure your fright is not affected. the three airlines and most effective ad as f o r jet blew delta and american. >> it looks on likely that voters have surpassed with they did in 2008 in terms of turnout. yesterday afternoon the final cowskin man in about nine and half million ballots were cast. that compares to about 10.4 million ballots that were counted in 2008. i am making crescent bacon cheddar pinwheels. wow, i'm impressed! [ ding ] dad, the cable's out! you got that right? [
. if you are talking aboute around this area is also affecting traffic on grant and washington. the lights are out here as well. it is quite a traffic jam with people having to treat this intersection as a four way stop. you have quite a bit of a back up with people trying to get to work and to school. it is right in the middle of the commute hours so it is quite a busy and backed up traffic here at this intersection. >> are they directing traffic? >> there is an officer on the scene making sure that people treat this as a four way stop ferry is a big intersection and you can see it as two lanes in each direction on all four sides. they are directing people just in case. for the most part people seem to be trained like a four way stop with no one knows in their temporary at. --temper yet >> hurricane sandy new york city's subway system is partially rolling again this morning. three days after san because the worst disaster in its history. 56 people and one person in canada have died in the storm. at the death toll is now up to 124 if you count the desk from the caribbean. new jersey to wes
. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. >> leaders in washington tried to figure out what they knew and who knew and when they knew. there trying to figure out what comes next. the generals of there was apparently with a woman paula bridewell a married mother of two who was in charge of writing his of this biography. she sent in else to another woman close to patras. they said they should have known about the probe before now and she plans to launch an investigation into the fbi. >> this is something that could have had an effect on national security. we should have been told. >> a spokesperson for house majority leader says that after kantor talked to the fbi last month about the general's affair. >> senators from new york and south carolina are set to officially restart the talks. they have a plan that will appeal to all sides of the issues and they believe they will be able to get this passed. the bipartisan plan has four key elements including stronger border security a tough love pass the citizenship for people already here and they're require
's and sickened hundreds. this is going on in washington d.c., let's take a look live as we talk about what they're dealing with here. the pharmacy in massachusetts was the source of the injections the connected to the deadly outbreak that is central in this hearing as well as lawmakers. they try to figure out who knew what and when so the owner of the pharmaceutical company is there the fda commissioner and the massachusetts state board officials. they will all testified tried again to the bottom of the outbreak. >> we will come back as the kron4 news continues with weather and traffic hot spots and the world according to gary. eastbound 80 attacking veiled don't forget we have at heavenly and north star opening today. >> and early morning accident jammed up the ride from concord pleasant hill and martinez into walnut creek on 680 southbound. it is now starting to affect the highway westbound on highway 4. yassin is long gone but the 34 minutes drive time remains. it should be a 19 minute trip heading south just from to 42 down to walnut creek. the heavy traffic still flows through and into the
year-old darnell washington and an 25 year-old wife tanya washington killed 55 year- old co. this was in the course of a statewide crime spree the past month and were arrested in washington state. they were driving pose car. the couple could receive the death penalty in this murder case. parents at a san jose grade school are upset this morning over a registered sex offender that was allowed to be on campus with a hundred of children last month. the suspect was convicted several years ago of molesting a child. he was recognized and reported to a sheriff's deputy. he had a letter from the diocese giving him permission to be there. the letter is not consistent with its policies. parents want to know why he was there in the first place. >> i think it is just atrocious. i don't know how anyone could just get away with that in any amount. it is just unbelievable. >> how would you know that someone is a sex offender? you do not know. >> he should not be allowed back. we are supposed to be protected. we are doing everything for the kids in the field trips and everything. >> the cas
. families in washington dc at a food bank there. the bags of groceries included white house m and ms. the obamas were joined by family members and friends and the basketball team. the president wants others to follow his example. try to do a little volunteer work. well new york's governor has teamed up with several big companies to make this thanksgiving a little more bearable for the victims of superstorm sandy. cuomo joining the national guard as they handed out boxes to victims. governor cuomo took time out in queens to greet first responders. he helped organize the massive food drive. about 200 homes will be demolished because they were damaged beyond repair. thousands of other homes they are hoping they can salvage. >>> meantime, new jersey governor chris kristi and his wife handed out bags of food in trenton. his second annual season of service. mark? >> is and from thanksgiving thursday, we turn to black friday tomorrow, but black friday kicking off this evening from many stores opening up early. jackie sissel outside one of them where people are already camping out. >> report
and you can see it outside the capitol building in washington d.c.. it's just reminded me did you get your free @? did you set it up? will be right back. >> then saw the advisory very low visibility bay area wide. sen rose in about an fairfield showing visibility near zero, same for have monday. >> a quick check of the markets we're seeing trading down right now. the dow was off about 93 points 12,916. the nasdaq trading-despite the fact we have a great retail we can. according to the national retail nearly 200 million people visited stores which is up 9.2% from last year. you a thing going ended trading there be positive news but this morning the national economic council said that if the fiscal cliff comes to pass at the end of the year we will see a sudden increase in taxes from the middle class. trade is falling back in just a little bit. uc we are down for the day. we will track the numbers and see when they go from this point. >> there is a new national poll suggesting that merritt americans understand the physical plant is nothing to evoke a joke about. the u.s. would face a crisis
and washington state. if that are deciding whether to legalize same-sex marriage and if it passes in any of those states that will become the first time same-sex marriage is made legal by popular vote. up to now legislation or court order had made same-sex marriage legal. minnesota will vote to place a ban on same-sex marriage-- will vote whether to place a ban on same-sex marriage. voters in three states considering measures that would legalize recreational pot smoking. oregon and washington state. this will allow adults to possess small amounts of pot. and the trouble be subject to some state regulation and taxes. if the plan passes in any of those states and a legal battle with the federal government is likely. >> just released this morning and the field poll shows 51 percent of voters in our state will cast their ballots by mail. today's election is the first time that of mail in balance has overtaken the number of precincts ballot in california general election. an estimated 70 percent of california's registered voters will cast ballots for the selection. turn out was just under 80% in the 2
that the to deserve--slight or justified. >> police said the break-in at george washington carver elementary school occurred at 1:00 a.m. in the morning wears on 27 computers were reported gone neighbors are being interviewed to find that they saw or heard anything. >> that is quite said that they have taken from the kids especially in this neighborhood we are struggling with other issues. >> that is that how could they do that. >> they have taken away the education from the children they really need these computers. >> police estimate more than $40,000 and equipment was stolen. school officials said they will try to figure out to replace the equipment after thanksgiving break. >> san francisco has the green light to become the spot for some of the country's most apartments the board of supervisors have approved to change the building code reduces the minimum living space to 150 square feet when a kitchen that from the cause of our account for the unit will be too much 20s or free total. at maximum to people be allowed to live in the unit. >> will take a break it is seven:22. we have all the rain a
the hot spots and more on our forecast. >> a live look from the supreme court in washington d.c. after more than two years after a federal judge in san francisco ruled that proposition 8 was unconstitutional the supreme court will decide today and possibly take up that case. if the court decides they will not hear the case proposition 8 in that case the ruling from the court in san francisco will stand. gay and lesbian californians will be able to get married level on a to get married as of as next week. if the justices decide to pick up the appeal from opposition made the ruling may not come until next year and same-sex marriage will be on hold in california. for top they will announce whether or not they were hit the california case or on monday. if they do take it they will start arguments in march and a decision will come by the end of june. if not next week we could see same-sex marriages resume. we will follow the latest from the supreme court. >> thank you will take a quick break with more coverage on storm in a minute. we have a live look at storm tracker 4 to remind you warmes
of minutes. >> >> it is real important for washington. it is time for all of us to work on what we agreed to. that is what our economy needs is what the american people deserve. if we get this part of it right then all lot of the other issues surrounding deficit reduction in a fair and balanced impossible way will be a whole lot easier. if we get this wrong the economy as a plan to go south and it will be much more difficult for us to balance our budgets and deal with our deficits because if the economy is not strong that means more money is going out and things like unemployment insurance and less money is coming and. it actually makes our deficit worse. we need to get this right. i need help from the american people. close on members of congress's facebook wall used twitter. we have a few things to get done and we could get it done tomorrow. optimistically i don't think will get it done tomorrow. but if everybody here goes out of their way to make their voices heard and spread the word to your friends and family and co- workers and neighbors, i am confident we will get it done. we will get
-to-head since their last debate. during the washington trip as well as meeting with the president mr. romney will also meet with his former running mate congressman paul ryan. representatives of being sent to capitol hill to find a solution for the impending fiscal cliff today. republicans claim the white house has yet to provide specifics on how the president will curb the rapid growth of programs like medicare and medicaid. the president is insisting that tax rates go up on families that earn more than $250,000 a year. house speaker john major is adamant that any new tax bracket is coming from overhauling the tax code and clearing out tax breaks and lower rates for everyone. it is 9:06 a.m. and we'll be back in a couple of minutes. let's take a live look at bernal heights. this big tree came down and we'll have more on that in a couple of minutes. among take a look at some of this damage from the wind and rain and san francisco's berle heights neighborhood. yoli is on the scene. what street is this on? >> i believe this is virginia street. it is virginia street. i'm just getting confirmati
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